There are so many places to find information these days, this is just a small selection. The links are grouped into subject types and listed in the order of the topics that our members have told us they spend the most of their time on. Let us know if you find really useful sites and we’ll add them in.


Coastal hazards and climate change


Funding for projects (also try your local Council)

Global Issues

Historically rare ecosystems (coastal) and significant dune systems

Identification of coastal creatures


Wild things Issue 116 on Shore Birds and other coastal features. A great little booklet with lots of fun games.


Native plant identification and use

Native fauna

NZ coastal policy statement 2010, guidance and review

Pest control - best practice and monitoring



  • The newly updated (2018) Environment Guide contains practical information to assist individuals, community groups and businesses to more effectively participate in environmental management processes.

Weather and Tsunami information

Weed identification and control