There are so many places to find information these days, this is just a small selection. The links are grouped into subject types and listed in alphabetical order. Let us know if you find really useful sites and we’ll add them in.



Climate Change

  • The International Blue Carbon Initiative is a coordinated, global program focused on mitigating climate change through the conservation and restoration of coastal and marine ecosystems.

Coastal hazards and climate change


Funding for projects (also try your local Council)

Global Issues

Historically rare ecosystems (coastal) and significant dune systems

Identification living creatures

  • Segmented bristle-bearing worms are usually the most abundant animals living within sands and muds on the seashore:
  • Take a photo using this app or upload one from your collection. Some suggestions of what it could be will show up. Fill in the other details and others will help you get it identified. Useful for anything that lives or was alive: plants, birds, pests, weeds, fungi, etc. Also for professionals to find out where species live, so it is important to upload unusual species (or unusual in your area)


Wild things Issue 116 on Shore Birds and other coastal features. A great little booklet with lots of fun games.

Caring for our place, protecting our pīngao - Ngataki school students learn about pīngao from CRT trustee Betsy Young


Native plant identification and use

Native fauna

NZ coastal policy statement 2010, guidance and review

Pest control - best practice and monitoring




Weather and Tsunami information

Weed identification and control