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Castlecliff coastal pest control program given major boost

Winning a Whanganui District Council (WDC) youth scholarship has provided the ideal opportunity for Jake Newton to support Progress Castlecliff’s Coast Care group, by contributing predator traps, boxes, and a huge pot of peanut butter.

Supported by DOC Predator Free Ranger Sanne Brock, Jake has been able to purchase 28 Victor rat traps, 2 Timms possum traps and he has assembled four wooden trap boxes so the Castlecliff trap line can be extended.

Read more here.

Whanganui Coastal Action Plan News August 2022

Following public consultation regarding the management of Castlecliff and Kai Iwi coastal areas in which ex CRT trustee and respected coastal management contractor Jim Dahm was involved, a report was presented at the Whanganui District Council meeting. Read the newsletter here. In this is a link to the Whanganui District Council meeting where this topic was discussed recently including some PowerPoint slides

Council applies to import Australian wasp to stop invasive shrub

Horizons Regional Council has applied for approval to import and release the bud-galling wasp (Trichilogaster acaciaelongifoliae) as a biological control agent for Sydney golden wattle (Acacia longifolia).

Sydney golden wattle is a shrub or small tree. It was introduced to New Zealand as an ornamental plant and became naturalised before 1897. It invades open habitats and scrubland, especially in coastal areas. It can form dense stands that modify vegetation and ecological processes and threaten regeneration patterns.

The biocontrol agent is a small wasp that induces galls in flower buds, preventing the formation of flowers and thus preventing seed production. Galls can also form in growing points, preventing shoot growth.

The Environmental Protection Authority is calling for submissions on this application.

Read more here:

The deadline for submissions is 30 September at 11:59pm.

Treasurer wanted for our Trust

Are you an accountant (practising or retired) or someone with significant accounting experience who is passionate about the coast or the environment?

We are seeking someone who can assist us with applying for funding for our projects, oversee our finances and make sure we comply with legal requirements.

These are the duties that we need help with

* Assist with identifying funding opportunities and complete funding applications
* General overview of finances
* Check GST return
* Check annual accounts
* Write annual Treasurer Report
* Answer queries from administrator and trustees
* Provide financial advice
* Pursue bad debts if needed
* Help with budget
* Ensure the Trust complies with all legal accounting requirements

Time requirement:

On average a few hours a month in addition to
* monthly evening online meetings (1-2h),
* one in-person two-day meeting in September in Wellington, and
* one in-person meeting in March, which is combined with our annual conference

We offer:

* A great team to work with
* Trust-paid travel and accommodation for meetings and conferences
* Trust-paid 3-day annual conference

Please email our administrator if you would like more information or have a chat on the phone: .

The deadline for expressions of interest (CV and covering letter) is 28 August 2022, however this may be extended.

New coast care role for eastern Coromandel

Waikato Regional Council and Thames-Coromandel District Council are calling for Registrations of Interest (ROI) for a Coordinator for the Coastcare Programme (East Coast)

The opportunity
The Coastal Restoration Coordinator (East Coast) contract will drive and support coastal restoration programmes, by collaborating with Iwi, coastal restoration groups, and the public. The role will provide technical advice for restoration activities, coordinate working bees and plant orders with community groups, and place orders for plants and other related materials for the Coastcare programme, while providing regular progress reports to key contacts at Thames Coromandel District Council (TCDC) and Waikato
Regional Council (WRC). In this role you will promote the Coastcare and Coastal Restoration programmes and will work with a broad range of stakeholders, including WRC & TCDC staff/contractors, Coastcare coordinators, local iwi, rural and suburban communities, pest plant control contractors, nurseries, and other local government representatives.

What they need
• Honesty, enthusiasm, accountability, respect and teamwork are considered core competencies for all WRC and TCDC Contractors.
• The nature of this work means that the contractor may need to occasionally work evenings and weekends to fit in with community group needs (attend group meetings etc.).
• Applicants will need a moderate level of fitness to engage in working bees and other activities

Go here to find out more.

Deadline for questions is 9 August at midday.

Deadline for Expressions of Interest is 16 August at midday.