Join the Coastal Restoration Trust

The Coastal Restoration Trust is a non-profit organisation that relies upon memberships, donations, sponsorship and contestable funding. All funds received contribute directly to the operations of the Trust, the vast majority of which are project based with local communities and agencies.

The easiest way to contribute is via Give-a-Little. For Direct Credits: our bank details are on the membership form that can be downloaded below.

Membership for Coast Care Groups is now free

Coast Care groups can now join the Coastal Restoration Trust for free. All groups can request a profile page hosted on this website. Donations are always welcome to help with the cost of administering the group pages etc.

Coastal Restoration Trust Supporters

Anyone can become a supporter of the Coastal Restoration Trust and it is also free! You will receive our email newsletter and have access to all the information on our website. Donations are much appreciated and are eligible for a tax refund for most NZ residents.

Download our membership form or contact us for further information.