Monitoring Coastal Dunes

The Coastal Restoration Trust (CRT) has developed community-based guidelines for assessing the state of coastal dune systems that can be undertaken by Coast Care groups, coastal managing agencies, landowners, and school and tertiary students.

Using a method of point sampling along transects, this monitoring system allows you to survey the status of vegetation cover, species composition and dune morphology of your dunes. It will also provide opportunities to quantify the performance of your restoration programmes where you are undertaking planting and management where there is focus on improving vegetation cover.

Information is provided on why monitoring dunes is useful and important, along with an easy step by step guide on how to undertake sampling. There is the opportunity to add to our Coastal Monitoring Database (CMD) whereby your field data is automatically analysed and results are presented in summary tables and in graphical displays for both vegetation and dune profiles.

Check out the guidelines and CMD at

If you are interested in using this system on your dunes and are committed to long term monitoring then you will need to get in touch with us at [Enable JavaScript to view protected content] .