Our Coast video series

Welcome to Our Coast, a series of short videos by Southlight Studio for the Coastal Restoration Trust of New Zealand in which we explore the natural processes at work behind Aotearoa New Zealand’s beautiful coastlines. These videos are intended as an approachable and educational tool for all ages, and will soon be followed by our technical guides in video format.


1. How Beaches Work: natural coastal processes

2. Coastal Squeeze: a problem of our making

3. Sea Level Rise: why, how much, how fast?

4. Fighting Nature: our past response to beach erosion

5. Working With Nature: a new approach to manage our coast

6. Setbacks: managing risks from coastal hazards

7. Dune Restoration Overview: restoring natural buffers

8. Dune Restoration: plant zones and changes over time

9. Estuaries: natural ecosystems

10. Estuaries: human impact and sea level rise

11. Estuaries: new approach mountains to sea

12. Adaptive management:for sea level rise on coasts

13. Human Roles: in restoration and management