Outreach Programme for the Restoration of Dunes

Tolaga Bay, East CoastTolaga Bay, East Coast Aromoana, Otago PeninsulaAromoana, Otago PeninsulaThe Coastal Restoration Trust is working in two regions - Gisborne/East Coast and Otago - to assist local communities and councils in developing capability for restoration and management of their coastal sand dunes.

This project is funded by the Department of Conservation’s Community Fund in collaboration with coast care groups and councils in each region.

Field Advisors have been engaged in each of the two target regions to assist in implementing this outreach programme. The work will include:

  • liaison with management agency staff and local community groups to promote and build support for Coastcare dune restoration
  • running workshops in each region for local communities, agencies and other interest groups
  • running field visits to local dune systems to provide site-specific advice with local experts and advocates illustrating approaches to consider in dune restoration and management

The aim is to provide a basis for detailed planning and prioritised implementation of the coastcare work required at each site. Measures of success include:

  • raising community and management agency understanding of the importance and benefits of dunes and dune ecosystems
  • increasing the proportion of degraded sand dune ecosystems under effective restoration and management with a focus on planting and managing appropriate native plant communities
  • improving awareness of the cultural and archaeological values of local dune systems
  • building local support and capacity for dune restoration