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Save the Hawkes Bay dotterels

Some avid bird lovers have banded together in Hawkes Bay and would like to start work on protecting shore birds by doing coastal restoration work in the Bayview/ Clive/ Awatoto/ Haumoana/Pourerere region. There are New Zealand Dotterels nesting in the Clive and Pourerere region which they would like to give priority. Currently, there is limited signage and virtually no cordoned off areas to protect these birds. Mostly it is volunteers who are all randomly monitoring, putting up signs that they make themselves and taking various actions on their own and they are not aware of any coordinated approach from the local councils or DOC. They have created a local Facebook group which anyone can join, “Save the Dotterels Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay is under-represented on our Coast Care group map and so it would be great to support them. If you would like to help with this and don’t do Facebook, please and we’ll pass on your contact details.