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Far North District Council proposing off-leash dogs on beaches all year

Photo by Patrick Hendry on UnsplashPhoto by Patrick Hendry on UnsplashThe Far North District Council is proposing that dogs are allowed off-leash on most of its beaches, most of the time. This would affect the wildlife that lives there, esp. during the bird breeding season.

You may want to make a submission on this by going to the website of FNDC. The online submission form/survey guides you in doing this.

Even if you don’t live in the Far North you may want to submit as policies and bylaws in that part of the country could set a precedent for other areas.

Submissions close at 4:30pm on Monday 24 September

DOC and Defence Force protect NZ fairy tern

The NZ fairy tern is NZ’s rarest breeding bird with a population of only 40 birds (11-12 breeding pairs). There are only 4 nesting sites: all in Northland. One of the sites is on the Royal New Zealand Air Force weapons range at Papakanui Spit, at the Kaipara Harbour.

Luckily for the birds this is a no-go area for the public and the Air Force provides more protection by not using the site during the breeding season. Now the Defence Force is stepping up its support by creating some raised nesting sites to protect the birds from extreme tides and storms.

Read the full story.

We love our beach app encourages good behaviour

A new app developed in the Far North encourages good behaviour on 90 Mile Beach. It tells about the history of the beach, about the wildlife and how to drive on the beach responsibly. Many drivers don’t realise that hard braking, fast acceleration or doing wheelies and donuts kills thousands of baby shell fish. Information and stickers, like the picture on the right, have been produced to raise awareness and educate drivers and other beach visitors. Read the full story.

Scan the QR code on the right with your QR code scanner (which you can download from eg. Play Store) to go to the website or go there via this link.

Feedback sought on Tauranga reserves plan

Tauranga has a variety of parks and reserves that play a vital role in the quality of life enjoyed by residents and visitors. There is access to beautiful beaches, sports fields, neighbourhood parks, walkways and cycleways, and historic places.

Tauranga City Council wants to make sure they’re managing their reserves the way the community wants them to.

They have written a draft Tauranga Reserves Management Plan and are seeking feedback.

This plan will guide Council’s decision-making on more than 290 parks and reserves in the city. It considers over 50 specific topics - enabling a range of activities, guiding maintenance and development, protecting important sites and features, and explaining how they’ll assess requests and proposals for use. It combines all of the existing reserve management plans into one, and also applies to reserves that don’t currently have a management plan.

The draft Tauranga Reserves Management Plan and a summary document are now available for feedback.

To provide any comments or objections:

  • fill out the online survey
  • email* us at Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
  • write* to us at Tauranga City Council, Private Bag 12022, Tauranga

Please let them know if you wish to speak to Council at a hearing. Submissions close at 5pm, 19 October 2018.

You may be able to find some help in this document:

*By taking part in this public submission process, submitters agree to any personal
 information (incl. names and contact details) in their submission being made
 available to the public as part of the consultation and decision-making process.

Fijians plant mangroves to curb coastal erosion

Photo by John SawyerPhoto by John SawyerIn an effort to mitigate the effects of coastal erosion and sea water intrusion, villagers of Naividamu in Macuata undertook a mangrove planting program along their coastline recently, reports The Fiji Times. Some food for thought for us here in NZ.

Read the full story here.