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Vote for the endangered banded dotterel/pohowera

Photo by Neil Fitzgerald, by Neil Fitzgerald,

Vote for the banded dotterel / Pohowera, which is in serious trouble. VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. We’ll try again next year!

Threats to this cute little coastal bird include:

* Human disturbance including vehicle and foot damage to nests, which are almost impossible to spot on the beach, and general interference.

Photo by Karen OpiePhoto by Karen Opie* Predation, especially during nesting by mammal pests and gulls.

* Invasive plants like marram grass, lupins and wilding pines, can degrade nesting areas

Photo by Karen OpiePhoto by Karen Opie

If you want to give it the best chance of winning this competition, ONLY vote for this bird. Make sure you validate your vote by entering the code or it won’t count!

Watch a lovely video about the banded dotterels of Kaikōura here.

Photos: top: adult in breeding plumage, middle: juvenile, bottom: eggs in ‘nest’.