Tewhanauwhero Coastal Care Group

Tewhanauwhero Coastal Care Group

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Tewhanauwhero Coastal Care Group

Location: Pareparea beach is part of a parcel of Maoriland known as Te Ruatahi2C1, situated on the East coast of Northland, within the Whangaruru ecological area, 17 kilometres north of Whananaki Estuary. Mimiwhangamata, Rimariki Islands run alongside and was originally part of this parcel of land.

Date started: 2013

Purpose of group: This group consists of Te Ruatahi 2C1 landowners, their families. The main purpose of this group is to encourage landowners to work alongside Northland Regional Council and Project Crimson to work towards dealing with environmental issues on their Customary land and help develop safe community practices on coastal areas and to be aware of burial grounds. traditional sites of significance and Tapu sites.

About the group: The past 5 years we have worked successfully on dune restoration, Pohutukawa restore, riparian planting and fencing of tidal streams on this parcel of land. One key lesson is, once you start a project you must finish even if you have no volunteers to help with pre planting. One of our success stories is our goal to re introduce pingao to this coastline. We have 3 years of planting spinifex and pingao which includes maintenance weed control and mammalian pest control. We have had very little/almost none, financial support for the projects from landowners. Our main contributors for fencing materials and plants are from NRC and Project Crimson. In the winter of 2018 200 spinifex and 600 pingao will be planted at Teruatahi 2C1, Pareparea.

Name of contact person: Margret Dawn Hughes

Email address: [Enable JavaScript to view protected content]

Telephone number: 099299400

Website: [Enable JavaScript to view protected content]