Sumner Coastcare Project

Sumner Coastcare Project

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Sumner Coastcare Project

Date started: June 2011

Location of main site: Sumner & Taylors Mistake dunes in Christchurch

About the group: Sumner Coastcare Project is a joint project between the local community and Christchurch City Council’s coastal parks team. Its aim is to restore and protect the coastal environment.

Objectives include:

  • erosion control and protection of the coastal system using the natural ecology of dune systems
  • protection and restoration of the native dune community including re-introduction of locally extinct native dune species Spinifex and pingao
  • upgrading of existing access ways to the beach and associated with this, protection of the foredune area from physical disturbance to help prevent damage to plants
  • control of the invasive exotic species currently present
  • long term restoration of habitat for coastal indigenous species, and potential benefits for coastal erosion protection, water quality, mahinga kai values, and connectivity aspects

Read more about the Sumner project on the IUCN Panorama platform here

Theres also a short video about dune conservation produced for the IUCN’s online MOOC Conservation course on Marine Protected Areas in the MPAs & climate change module (

Follow this link direct to the video

Right Image: Photo point showing dune growth from 2015 to 2024

Contact: Shane Orchard

Email: [Enable JavaScript to view protected content]

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