Save the Dotterels Hawkes Bay

Save the Dotterels Hawkes Bay

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Save the Dotterels Hawkes Bay

Location: Westshore/Bayview but also Awatoto, Clive, Haumoana and Pourerere

Purpose of group:

Some avid bird lovers have banded together in Hawkes Bay and have started to work on protecting shore birds by doing coastal restoration work in the Bayview/ Clive/ Awatoto/ Haumoana/Pourerere region.

About the group:

There are New Zealand Dotterels nesting in the Clive and Pourerere region which requires special attention since these shorebirds are critically endangered. Hawkes Bay beaches are also home to many other shorebirds including oyster catchers, banded Dotterels and caspian terns. Currently, there is limited signage and virtually no cordoned off areas to protect these birds. Mostly it is volunteers who are all randomly monitoring, putting up signs that they make themselves and taking various actions on their own and we are not aware of any coordinated approach from the local councils or DOC, which we would very much like. We’ve seen many other regions in New Zealand have success working with their local authorities to establish some dedicated areas on their shorelines so the public are aware they exist and are deterred from going there. Apart from predators such as cats, stoats, hedgehogs, hawks, dogs off lead and seagulls, our shorebirds are most in danger from humans who disturb or destroy nests unknowingly from ATV’s, motorbikes or by simply walking on their nests or chicks. Many people have not heard of these shoreline birds and therefore have no knowledge of their existence or plight.

Currently a few members from the “save the Dotterels Facebook page” are meeting with the local councils to try to create awareness about these issues and getting help with signage and cordoned off areas on the Hawkes bay beaches.

Name of contact person: Angela Cave

Email address[Enable JavaScript to view protected content]

Telephone number: 022 698 9269