Paraparaumu Beach Dune Restoration Group

Paraparaumu Beach Dune Restoration Group

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Paraparaumu Beach Dune Restoration Group

Location of restoration site: The dunes between Arthur Street and Nathan Avenue (off Manly Street) at Paraparaumu Beach.

Date started: May 2023


About the group:

We are a new group and have only met twice so we are still learning about coastal ecology.
Planting and weed eradication plan is being formulated with assistance from KCDC

Purpose of the group:

  • To minimise the risk of invasive weed seeds blowing over to Kapiti Island.
  • Improving the feed source for native birds so eventually we have birds from Kapiti Island coming over to the mainland.
  • To halt the spread of invasive weeds eg blackberry, evergreen buckthorn, ivy, old mans beard etc.
  • To improve dune stability to provide better resilence to storm surges