P.S. Our Beaches

P.S. Our Beaches

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P.S. Our Beaches

Name of contact person: E Wen Wong & Nina Ose

Email address:

Telephone number: 022 1278134

Preferred method of contact: Email

Date started: December 2016

Purpose of group: Using P.S Our Beaches as our foundation, we hope to raise awareness and make an impact, even if it is in the smallest of ways. Although we aren’t specifically focused around stabilising and restoring sand dunes as such, we are big on protection of beaches as a whole, mostly through pollution reduction. Please join us in tackling this pressing issue with our Pollution Solution (P.S.).

About the group: P.S. Our Beaches is driven by E Wen Wong and Nina Ose, two Burnside High School students with a passion for ocean advocacy. Recently, we embarked on a project to clean up Canterbury beaches, with ‘P.S. Our Beaches’ being the end result.
P.S. Our Beaches is a mix between a community organisation and social movement, aimed at reducing litter and pollution in our surrounding area’s beaches. Through the means of scheduled clean-ups, events, posters and social media, we are really dedicated to natural conservation and leaving a positive environmental footprint on our beaches.
We recently visited New Brighton beach for a clean-up and audit of litter in the area. Now, we are looking at expanding our community group to enable us to schedule a large scale clean-up to kick off 2017, which has the potential to really make a difference.

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