Northern Pegasus Bay (Hurunui) Coastcare Inc.

Northern Pegasus Bay (Hurunui) Coastcare Inc.

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Northern Pegasus Bay (Hurunui) Coastcare Inc.

Date started: The group formed in 2023.

Purpose of the group: To restore native species to this area of coastline, trap predators, advocate for and educate about this coast.

About the group: The group has a significant amount of experience having planted native trees in the Leithfield Beach area, north of this project area, for more than 20 years. For the past five years volunteers have tracked and trapped predators at Leithfield Beach and will extend this to the Ashworths Beach area. They intend to fence off plantig areas add signage as well as advocate for this area of coastline.

Contact: Kevin Roche

Email: [Enable JavaScript to view protected content]

Phone: 03 324 9362

Preferred method of contact: Email