Marokopa Beachcare Group

Marokopa Beachcare Group

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Marokopa Beachcare Group

A massive restoration project on the Marokopa spit, between the sea and the township, was started in 1998 with the aim to protect buried ancestors and build resilience in the spit so that it would continue to protect the township. Local iwi Ngāti Toa Tupahau Trust, with support from Waikato Regional Council and the Department of Conservation, have worked to remove vehicle pressure from the spit and replant huge areas of bare sand. One of the key community members involved in this project, Kahu Hohaia, received a Queen’s Service Medal in 2007 for her services to conservation. The foredune area now has healthy coverage of spinifex and pīngao, but there’s still plenty of work to be done to recloak this special spot. The aim is to restore native plants throughout the entire spit so it will continue to cloak and protect the many cultural sites of significance, including urupā, and the township.

2023 restoration and planting season wrap-up

There was gorgeous weather and a keen team of >20 smiling people of all ages for the planting effort, working hard both in the field and in the kitchen. The group was thrilled to work with both locals and people from outside Marokopa who believe in the work that is being done. More than 1700 foredune grasses were planted into a lovely wee dune that had recently formed near the end of the spit - so it is great to be able to hold that sand while we can! Thanks to Hemi Kete for organising the barge to get everyone over to the spit, the volunteers for all their hard mahi and to Graymont for sponsoring the delicious kai to keep the workers well fuelled.

  • 1 Coastcare event - 1724 plants; 22 volunteers; 66 volunteer hours.

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