Work at Kiritehere is led by Tahi Hohaia Hikoia Whānau with support from Waikato Regional Council. Restoration work has been underway since 2000 and has managed to restore a good cover of sand binding grasses kōwhangatara and pīngao on the foredune, which was previously dominated by exotic marram grass. Before the group started, whānau could see the sea from their homes, but now there is a lot of wonderful growth in the dunes and the papakāinga is safely protected.

2023 restoration and planting season wrap-up

This year, work has focused on the wāhi tapu area north of the stream where backdune plants have been planted in the last two years. The wet summer and mild winter had the kikuyu growing out of control and starting to crowd out all the beautiful native plants, so a lot of effort went into hand releasing them from weeds. Thanks to all the to all the hardworking volunteers that helped with this and planted more seedlings beside them; and thanks to all the amazing aunties who put together hundreds of shelters to protect the newly released plants. The site is really starting to thrive now!

The grass grew back quickly in spring, and it was decided to leave it in the hope it will give the plants some protection from the hot summer that is forecast. Roaming goats and horses have been a bit of a challenge at this site but work is being done to improve fencing and encourage goat hunting.

We’re looking forward to continuing to support the native planting with more hand releasing in 2024.

  • 2 Coastcare events - 350 plants; 15 volunteers; 82.5 volunteer hours.

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