Amberley Beach Coast Care

Amberley Beach Coast Care

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Amberley Beach Coast Care

NB: This group is no longer active

Date started: February 2016

Purpose of group: Coastal planting of NZ natives to encourage greater biodiversity in this area

About the group: Learn as much as you can before you start planting! Get to know your specific environment. Ours is very harsh with salt-laden winds, hot and dry nor-westers and bone-chilling easterlies and southerlies - plus no soil to speak of. We seem to be planting mostly in sand and stones, while also battling the lupins and blackberry. We are learning a lot about what plants are best for this environment; how, when and exactly where to plant them;and how to care for them once they are in the ground - kombi guards and masses of mulch, plus we water ours as needed (and only IF needed) for the first 2-3 years. After that they’re on their own. So far we have had a success rate of around 70% which is much higher than we were told to expect. So hopefully we’re doing something right!

Location of main site: Grierson Reserve, Amberley Beach