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Restoration Award nominations close on 28 February

If you are involved with a coastal restoration group that you think is doing great work, or want to nominate a group or project that is, please nominate them for this award.

The Coastal Restoration Award recognises the team work and tenacity to motivate people to work together to achieve “on the ground” results. The award is generously sponsored by Coastlands Plant Nursery.

The nomination period for this award has been extended and will now close on 28 February 2019. Download the information and nomination form here in Word or PDF (PDF, 201.44 KB) format.

Storms and sea level change on The Project

The Project on TV3 screened an interesting item on sea level rise recently. It raised the issue of property becoming uninsurable and the costs of trying to save it, with no guarantee of success. It used the example of Petone, the venue of this year’s Coastal Restoration Trust conference, which is expected to be 3.5m under water by the turn of the century. To check it out go to here. It is about 5 minutes long and starts at about 1:20. You may need to login.

Responses of spotless crake and fernbirds to trapping in Whangamarino & Awarua Wetlands

Principal Science Advisor for DOC in Christchurch, Colin O’Donnell reported at a recent national wetlands symposium on the results of wide-scale predator control in wetlands at Awarua (coastal Southland) and Whangamarino (Waikato).

Both spotless crake and fernbirds appear to be increasing in numbers in the treatment areas after 5+ years of predator control, which is exciting news.

The project demonstrates the potential benefits of predator control in wetlands. However, overall, occupancy of habitats is still very low compared to the historic counts undertaken nearly 40 years ago by Ogle & Cheyne (1980).

Watch the presentation