Castlecliff Coast Care

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Castlecliff Coast Care

Location of main site: Castlecliff Coastal Reserve, Seafront Road, Castlecliff Beach, Whanganui

Date started: September 2005

Purpose of group:

  • Stabilise the dunes with native plants and enhance the biodiversity of the dunes.
  • Develop community ownership of the restoration project, via participation and education.
  • Provide voluntary “work” opportunities for those trying to enter, or re-enter employment.

About the group: The Castlecliff Coast Care project has been in operation for seven years now. It is well established, and receives regular support from Aranui, Castlecliff and Whanganui High Schools, YMCA holiday & after school programmes, Wanganui home schooling group and a range of adult volunteers. Since recording commenced in March 2009, Coast Care volunteers have contributed 1,101 hours and the wider community 2,696 hours. In addition, a coordinator has been employed for about 840 hours during the last two years to assist and supervise the growing number of volunteers, which totalled 440 during the last year!

In the initial years about 500 native plants were planted in the areas cleared of wattle, box thorn and other weed plants. The best of these plants are now over two metres tall and sheltering more recent plantings.

During the last three years an estimated 1,500 native plants have been added to the rear dunes, and several groups of Pingao and Spinifex plants on the fore dunes.

Contact: Graham and Lyn Pearson,