New funding application to Community Conservation Partnership Fund successful

We have recently received news of this successful application.

The Trust works closely with the full gamut of stakeholders with interests in the coastal environment. This funding will enable the Trust to extend this by:

  • Linking Coast Care groups and affected landowners with relevant public agencies, funding bodies and subject matter specialists.
  • Encouraging inter-group interactions and workshops.
  • Encouraging stakeholder networking by organising field trips and on-site “show and tells”.
  • Training and resourcing groups in technical best practice, the recruitment and retention of volunteers, resource management legislation, project management and fundraising.
  • Promoting best practice with local authorities, including providing support to existing Coast Care coordinators, to ensure consistent, high quality and latest information transfer.
  • Assisting groups with their interactions with the public, landowners, iwi and public agencies.
  • Complementing and enhancing the existing Coast Care coordinator roles in collaboration with agencies in regions where these occur.